PAN Card Eligibility

By | March 2, 2017

Who can apply for PAN Card?

A Permanent Account Number is important to document for every taxpayer in the country. The government of India has made it obligatory for every financial transaction more than 50000 Rs. Every Indian can apply for PAN card which is eligible to pay income tax. A person who needs to file an income tax return can apply for PAN card for self or others. Basically, any individual who in earning more than 2.5 Lakh Rupees income in India is eligible for income tax return and must have a PAN card.

Documents Required for PAN Card

Only Indians can apply for PAN card and there are many documents which required by Indian citizens who wish to apply for PAN card. Here we mention the list of documents which is required by Individual to apply for PAN card:


A person who wishes to apply for PAN card should be an Indian citizen having a permanent address, ID proof and age proof. For all these proofs he/she can submit the photocopy of driving license, Aadhar, passport etc. A person can also apply for PAN on the behalf of other family members with all the necessary documents.


A parent can also apply for a PAN on behalf of their kids by providing an all necessary document.


A person who is Indian but resides outside the country can also apply for PAN card. He/ She has to provide his/her bank account statement and present residence proof as an address proof.

Companies / Partnership Firms

Companies can apply for PAN card by providing all the required documents of the Registrar of Companies. The company’s registration certificate is also necessary while applying for PAN card.

Firms having multiple partners can also eligible to apply for PAN card if their firm is registered with the relevant government authorities and have their registration certificate.

Artificial Juridical Person

Artificial Juridical Person can apply for a PAN, only they need their address proof, identity and age proof, either in the registration certificates or in the government documents.

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Eligibility Criteria for Foreign citizens to apply for PAN Card

Foreign citizens who wish to apply for PAN card require 49AA form. Here we mention some eligibility criteria for foreign citizens who want to apply for PAN Card


A person who belongs to other country wants to do any financial transactions in India then he has to apply for PAN card. This process required valid ID proof, date of birth proof and permanent address proof. Foreign citizens can submit the copy of below documents as proof.

  • A person can submit the copy of Passport or PIO card or OCI card.
  • He should submit TIN or CIN attested by High Commission, Indian Embassy or the Ministry of External Affairs.
  • A person can also attest these documents by the consulate of the country in which he resides or from an authorized Indian bank branch which situated across the world.

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